Unforeseen Effects Of Sex Addiction 


Sex is a natural part of life that humans have to partake on, in order for the population to thrive. While sex facilities procreation, sex addictionit can help to enhance the level of intimacy that two romantic partners may experience as well. As such, in general sex is a healthy way for individuals to express their love for one another and an effective tool that can be utilized to reduce stress as well. However, whenever an individual’s fixates themselves on having sex on a psychological level, it can cause what’s known as hyper-sexuality, which in itself can be harmful to an individual on several levels. Here are some of the unforeseen effects of sex addiction.

Loss Of Control

Just like an alcohol beverage or drug, one of the side effects of sex addiction is that, once a person has developed a hyper sexual frame of mind, they continuously fixate all their thoughts and efforts on sex. The end result of this is that they may call out of their jobs more frequently and isolate themselves from family members due to a fixation of continuously seeking sexual gratification. If the individual is also dealing with substance abuse or alcoholism, rehabilitation is probably the best path to recovery. Remaining in a program for an adequate length of time is going to get you the results you are looking for, and at Narconon Fresh Start you’ll be with a group of supportive counselors who will help you every step of the way. 

Higher Chance Of Acquiring STDs

As the individual continues to fixate themselves on having sex, he/she may become particularly promiscuous. The end result of this, is that the individual may engage in risky behaviors such as one night stands and unprotected sex that will essentially heighten the chances that they may acquire an STD.

Illegal Activities

One of the more debilitating effects of sex addiction is that it may cause a law abiding citizen to go down the route of partaking in illegal activities so that they can satisfy their cravings for sex. For example, statistics estimate that men who are addicted to sex, partake in illegal activities such as prostitution, escort services, rape and sexual harassment, even more so than individuals who don’t have a sex addiction.

Compulsive Masturbation

One of the other effects that sex addiction causes is over masturbation. In general, man crying masturbation is healthy. However, over masturbation can cause a variety of unwanted effects and embarrassing instances. People who masturbate compulsively may end up doing it at a public bathroom at a store, public venue or even their jobs. And in some instances their impulsivity may become so severe that their personal hygiene suffers as an end result.

Some of the other unforeseen effects of sex addiction include:

-Scarring on the genital area.
-Diminished emotional response to a sexual partner.
-Sex eventually becomes a tool to self medicate and control emotions.
-Individuals may partake in acts that society has deemed as being unacceptable such as watching rape, animal and underage related videos.